The most mysterious flower at a wedding


We all know protea is beautiful,do you know king protea from grow to blossom spend 3 years, one stem only one flower.That is very different with other flowers.

People use protea as a wedding event flower,definitely the wedding is attractive to people.
king protea as its name suggests, in particular the atmosphere, giving a momentum.
The petals are very sharp, the absolute protagonist in the bouquet.

Many people are deeply attracted by the peculiar flower type and the huge flowers when they first see the imperial flower. Its life cycle can reach a hundred years, and its flowering period can reach half a year. Because of its undefeated blooming, it is known as the most luxurious and gorgeous flower in the world. The imperial flower has a very interesting characteristic, it is divided into female and male, and the variety is also very rich. Among them, the emperor and the princess are two commonly used in weddings.

The emperor is a typical representative of the male emperor flower. The buds are fully opened and the flowers are flat, giving people a domineering and exposed feeling. The princess is more reserved, the buds are half open, the flowers are slender, and noble and reserved.

The imperial flower is most commonly used in the bride's bouquet. It is extremely harmonious with any flower material, and once it is added, the texture of the entire bouquet is improved.
Aritificial king protea are widely use in our daily life decorations.