Home decor and wedding event decor use rose

Do you like rose ?

Artificial roses normally are used in our life,especially used in home decor or wedding decor.
People think rose stands for love forever,everyone likes rose that makes rose as the king of flowers.
Our focus is to find and develop kinds of rose to make it into a silk flower as true as a fresh flower in order to let it more easily be held by people.

Our new designs like cabbage rose or you could call it England cabbage rose,they are popular with people because of their unique design.

Meanwhile,we also have open roses,they look like the queen of the flower because of its noble and elegant appearance.

You can also find exquisite roses from our design.They look like a shy little girl who doesn't want to show her face to everyone.

At last,we will keep develop our rose range to let customer find more design from us.